Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Little Gods

"Little gods are fine for little problems, but when you have a whopper of a problem you better have a whopper of a God... God the Father loves us and cares for us, but don't forget that He's God, that He's not safe, that He's not manageable. If God doesn't confuse you sometimes, you're probably worshiping an idol." ~ Steve Brown

Steve is a professor, friend, and mentor of mine. One of his ministries is Key Life. He does a daily broadcast called "Key Life" (shocking!) and a weekly, one-minute clip called "You Think About That", which is where the above quote comes from.

Steve is right--if we look at God and think we have Him figured out, we are probably not looking at the true God. We sometimes try to put God in a box so we can have answers to all the questions people ask like, "How can God ordain evil and not be responsible for it?" but when we do, the god that we present to the world is really just an idol that looks more like us than like the true God. When we hit a wall in life like a friend committing suicide, a fiance dying, a parent getting cancer, or a daughter getting pregnant, that god-in-a-box simply will not do. We need a sovereign God who, while we may not understand Him, is powerful enough to keep His promises to His children.

By His Grace,

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