Friday, November 21, 2008

Racial Politics

"The idea of black politics now tilts away from leadership based on voicing grievance, and identity politics based on victimization and anger... The Jesse Jacksons, Al Sharptons and Rev. Jeremiah Wrights remain. But their influence and power fade to a form of nostalgia... The market has irrevocably shrunk for Sharpton-style tirades against 'the man' and 'the system.' The emphasis on racial threats and extortion-like demands -- all aimed at maximizing white guilt as leverage for getting government and corporate money -- has lost its moment. How does anyone waste time on racial fantasies like reparations for slavery when there is a black man who earned his way into the White House?" ~ Juan Williams, "What Obama's Victory Means for Racial Politics"

Juan Williams is news analyst for NPR, Fox, and writes for a several other news magazines. He is not one that I would often agree with politically, but I like this particular editorial. I am not one who really enjoys political arguments like some (I much prefer a theological or scientific debate) but this caught my eye because I hope what Mr. Williams is predicting pours over into reality. I agree that racial politics has often been one of attempting to maximize guilt and play the victim and it is something that has frustrated me. It is not as if all people one one side or another do this, however, the ones who talk the loudest seem to be the ones that play the victim card the most. I think that Mr. Williams' perspective on how racial politics can/should move forward is refreshing.

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