Monday, January 6, 2014

The Incarnation

Over the Christmas break, I had the privilege of preaching a short series of sermons before my home church. It was a brief, three-part series on a few of the results of the incarnation of Jesus into this world. They are posted on my sermons page, and you can also access them below:

The Incarnation (Advent Series 2013)
Dec. 29, 2013The Incarnation: Unshakable HopeRo. 5:1-5MP3PDF
Dec. 22, 2013The Incarnation: A Merciful PriestHe. 2:14-18MP3PDF
Dec. 15, 2013The Incarnation: Victorious LightJn. 1:1-14MP3PDF

I pray that God will use them to magnify His glory in your heart and encourage you.

By His Grace,

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