Sunday, December 5, 2010

And the Word Became Flesh and Dwelt Among Us...

I just wrote a post about the second Advent Sunday and truly how incredible the incarnation, which we celebrate at Christmas, really was. Then, while procrastinating and not studying for a Greek exam, I read the latest letter by my friend Steve (whom you have probably seen me quote before), which is posted on his website: It is about Christmas, which is about "a boatload of problems that we can't fix and a God who came 'at the right time' to love us, forgive us and call us, and to tell us about Home. Christmas is a celebration of our helplessness and God's antidote." I really liked it so I thought I would share it:

I once said on a Key Life broadcast that a famous author had died. That's when I started getting letters informing me that he was very much alive. One friend even said that he had talked to this particular author that morning.
I thought I should correct that, but because I record the broadcasts a couple months ahead and because this particular author was so old he didn't even buy green bananas, I thought better of it.
There was a chance that if I said on the broadcast he was alive and kicking by the time it aired, he might have "assumed room temperature"...dead. So I just let the original mistake stand.
There are other problems with doing things so far in advance, particularly if one is a Scrooge. I'm writing this in October yet need to say something about Christmas because you will receive it in December. Not only that, I just came out of the studio after recording the Key Life Christmas programs. That would be no problem for you, but for a Scrooge it is painful. Between looking like Santa Claus and writing about Christmas before we even get to Thanksgiving, I hope you appreciate how I'm suffering. Please pray for me.
I wouldn't do this for anybody except you and Jesus...
You can read the rest of it here and I highly recommend it.

By His Grace,

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