Thursday, February 11, 2010


"If we could fix each other we would never understand unconditional love. You having trouble loving people? Say, 'God show me my sin and then hug me and then maybe I can go out and hug some others.'" ~ Steve Brown

I like this quote from Steve because it reminds me of one of the ways that sin is a blessing in disguise. When we really understand our sin we can really understand how incredible Christ's love is. To say, "Jesus loves me" is great, but if we do not remember what condition we were in when Jesus loved us then that statement has no depth and no real comfort. When we really see and know our sin then we really understand what Jesus did for us and only then can we really love others the way He has called us to love others. Steve also gives a principle: "You can't love until you've been loved and then you can only love to the degree that you have been loved."

By His Grace,

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