Monday, May 26, 2008

A Matter of Faith II

"What Dawkins and other true believers in Darwinism cannot explain is how their faith will lead to a better world in any way. Their philosophy is an ugly negation of other people's faith, not because they themselves are beyond faith, but because they are so sure their faith is true they believe it justifies any action they take in order to assure the triumph of their beliefs over all others." ~ Orson Scott Card

The above quote was taken from an article by Orson Scott Card discussing the documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. The documentary was quite good, for the most part, and I would recommend that you see it whether you hold to Intelligent Design (ID) or Darwinian evolution.

What I think is wise from the above quote is that Card points out something that Darwinian theorists and atheists constantly deny, that they have faith as those who believe in religion. Sure their faith is not in a Higher Being, but they have faith that the Laws of Physics are truly consistent and rational. They have faith that random events created rational minds able to truly understand the Laws of Physics. They have faith that mechanical causation somehow brought about organic life in some fashion ("on the backs of crystals" as is claimed by Darwinists in Expelled). They have faith that science will somehow discover how matter came into existence in the first place, "science is working on it" according to Richard Dawkins. They have faith that they have Darwinian evolution has makes its "no longer necessary to believe in God." They have faith that God does not exist.

The faith is certainly there. Some Darwinists and atheists are willing to admit it, most are not. Let us hope that the influence of those who are honest about their faith with spread to those who are unwilling to admit it.

Will their faith lead to a better world? Expelled shows that their faith leads to a world of academic orthodoxy that one must adhere to or face punishment by the dominating regime. It does not appear to be leading to a better world in the realm of science. What makes us think it will have positive ramifications in other arenas?

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